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56th reunion has been cancelled, but

Due to low registrations primarily caused by Covid concerns, our reunion scheduled for this October has been cancelled.  The reunion committee has decided to shoot for a 60th reunion sometime in 2025.  They will be meeting in October to issue refunds for those that want them, but


There is still a group of us that would like to have a gathering, albeit for just one night on that same weekend. Here are the details as we now know them. We are interested in knowing more about your interest level and/or any suggestions that you might have to improve upon what we’ve done to date:

 Date: Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

 Time: 5:00 to 9:00 PM

Location:  Westgate (Lanes) Entertainment Center, 721 N. Cable Road, Lima

Food & Drinks: Pizza, baby! You should plan on $10.00-12.00 per

person, depending on your drink charges. Those details are yet to be confirmed.

 There has been a $200.00 deposit made on the party room and if you

 do decide to attend a donation to help cover those charges would be

highly appreciated.

 Hotel Rooms: HoJo’s is willing to reinstate your reservation at the

 same rate if you had a previous reservation. Rooms are tight in Lima for that weekend.

 Don’t delay if you want to be considered!

 I’m sure other gatherings will take place on that weekend but we wanted to insure that we all had at least one night together.


Please let us hear from you ASAP! Go Spartans!



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<<<<<< Daniel L. Garrison and David E. Gossard Rubbings from THE WALL now posted in LSHS Vietnam In Memory link on the left. Special thanks to Chris (Greer) Ryan for sharing these.
All Choir Recordings are Online!
Go to User Forums.
Click on "Choir Memories".
Click on "All Choir Memories are Online".
Christopher Miller LSHS ‘66 has published a choir piece that may be of interest to all of our musically inclined classmates.
Copies, $1.70 each, can be ordered at Rettig Music in Lima, Ohio on Shawnee Rd, and in the Columbus, Ohio area, can be found at Stanton's Sheet Music, downtown.  At the Stanton's website, you can hear the publisher's records.
Dome's Nut Shop..........................................................




•   Scott Arant  10/22
•   Edward Sweeny  10/21
•   Carol Edington (Renner)  10/3
•   Karen Whited (Buchtman)  9/29
•   Maxine Maier (Miner)  9/20
•   Tim Roof  8/26
•   Cheryl Riner (Hempker)  8/10
•   Glenda Crider (Justice)  8/8
•   Diana Dukro (Newland)  8/6
•   Philip M. (Wells)  8/5
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