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Joy (Edwards) Prior has new information about her condition. See her link on the left side.



Fri. July 17, 2020 at Howard Johnson's 6-10 PM
Sat. July 18, 2020 at Howard Johnson's 6-11 PM
Sun. July 19, 2020 at The Old Barn Out Back Opens at 10:30 AM
Further details to be posted during the Holidays of 2019
1st Committee Meeting is Wed. Sept. 18, 2019 at Lima Eagles Noon-???
ALL Clasmates are welcome. 
Announcement at Mini Reunion (See Announcements Below for date and time).

IRS regulations require that you begin taking “Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)” in the year that you turn 70 ½ from any tax-sheltered retirement plans that you established for yourself or through your employer.   Then you must take a distribution every year thereafter until you die.  You can withdraw as much as you like each year, but you must make the RMD. 

Since this affects me personally and most of you, I decided to prepare a write up of the basic rules.  The penalty for failing to take a RMD when one is required is so severe (50% of the RMD not taken) that it would never pay to do so.

This writeup will have a hotlink in the left margin called “RMD”.  I also created a Forum called “Required minimum distributions” where we can talk about specific issues that might affect you.


Click CONTACT US on the left side and type a message. Be sure to leave your CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS. New email addresses as your username are the usual problem.

To change your email address you must be logged in to do so. Use your previous email address if possible. Your original password is probably still valid.

Click the Human Icon, click Edit Contact Info and re-edit your info.  ALWAYS SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM AND "SAVE" your changes before you exit.

For further assistance, click CONTACT US on the left side and type a message. Be sure to leave your CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS. Also if your password does not work, we will need to know this. A temporary password will be issued. Once logged in be sure to change it for your security. ALWAYS SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM AND "SAVE" your changes before you exit.

Always check Message Forum on the right or User Forums (at left) for individual classmates announcements. Also check the MESSAGE CENTER by clicking the Human Icon again. 

All Choir Recordings are Online!
Go to User Forums.
Click on "Choir Memories".
Click on "All Choir Memories are Online".
Christopher Miller LSHS ‘66 has published a choir piece that may be of interest to all of our musically inclined classmates.
"Two American Hymns" was published by Neil A. Kjos Music.  Conceived as a concert piece, but suitable also for church, "Two American Hymns" combines, literally, the familiar melodies of "How Firm a Foundation" and "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".  This treatment emphasizes the strong, rough-hewn pioneer character of the hymn tunes and with rich harmonies, explores them lyrically as well.
Copies, $1.70 each, can be ordered at Rettig Music in Lima, Ohio on Shawnee Rd, and in the Columbus, Ohio area, can be found at Stanton's Sheet Music, downtown.  At the Stanton's website, you can hear the publisher's recording.

Mini Reunion Sat. July 20, 2019 Noon-??? Lima Eagles CONFIRMED.

We may have to move the date if weddings are booked.

Think about Mid-Week Mini Reunions. I will let you know.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LimaSeniorHighClassOf1965?fref=ts

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/587025401470133/members/

Our class website: www.limasenior65.com

Sam Kamin, Neon, WCIT, and the Newspaper Wars





•   Randall Ric Cox  7/16
•   Ronald McCormick  7/5
•   Richard Frykman  6/29
•   Candice Thrush  6/22
•   Dawn Sawmiller  5/30
•   Philip Wells  5/25
•   Barbara Rabe (Duncan)  3/27
•   Scott Arant  3/17
•   P. Terry Dietz  3/10
•   Dennis Campnell  2/26
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